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Comfortable, fully furnished accommodations for Military personnel, while on IR Posting to CFB Borden; located just 20 minutes away.

Our goal is to help you with the transition into your new home, smoothly and effortlessly.  All our suites are located in South East Barrie, within an easy commute to the base.  


Most of our furnished apartments are less than 10 minutes' drive to Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie.  

We know well, how comfort, privacy, peace, and quiet is needed after a long, stressful day.  Our units offer just that. You will find all that you need for a restful stay, 


Corporate relocation often takes you away from home and family for extended periods of time. 

We strive to provide comfort, privacy, security, and quality. All our furnished apartments have easy access to highway 400 and are less than an hour from Pearson, and Muskoka.

Furnished apartments in Barrie are often chosen by our guests who need a comfortable place to stay when the unplanned, or the unthinkable happens.


Fire and flood recovery, new home build or perhaps renovation that went beyond the planned time frame. Stay in one of our furnished rentals in comfort, while overseeing whatever is going on at your home.

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