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We are currently seeking business partners that would like to showcase their rental accommodations in Barrie on this website. 

If you have a furnished apartment that you offer to travelers on flexible terms and would like to feature it here, please contact Joanna at 705-794-6482 



If you are ready to offer your own space to welcome travelers, but have no idea where to start and how to do it the right and safe way, I'm here to help.


I am a former Barrie Realtor, a professional Photographer and Interior Decorator by Trade; my daily life has always evolved around building, renovations, decorating and staging.  I really do love what I do; I also love being able to help people, by sharing my knowledge and experience. Passionate about finding solutions, that sometimes others just can't easily see. 


Let me guide your through the process of setting up your own rental property.  We can work on just one room in your home, or we can do the entire house if that's what you need help with.   Give me a call, I will be happy to schedule a consultation for you.

Joanna Gerber 705-794-6482

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