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Our MINIMUM stay is always at least 31 days, with preference given to a full calendar month stays. 

Your initial stay can be as short as a month or as long as 3 months.  There is a possibility to extend your stay, if the apartment is not pre-booked; and the extension is approved by the owner of the property that you are staying at. 

Full CALENDAR MONTH stays qualify for deep discounts in overall cost; those discounts are calculated at booking time .

IF you need to stay for 31 days, but portion of your stay falls on one month and ends in another, your cost will be calculated on per night bases. Cost is always determined based on the initial length of your stay, and the number of people moving in.

Mariposa house and other properties that we offer, are located in a residential neighborhoods, on a quiet streets in South-East Barrie. All homes and apartments are about an hour from Pearson International Airport in Toronto, and about an hour from Muskoka Cottage Country. 


Mariposa house has a large apartment on the main floor and another in the lower level of the house. You can walk to several restaurants, a recreation centre (with a pool, gym and hockey arenas), you also have an easy access to Barrie waterfront, Georgian College, Royal Victoria Hospital and Hwy 400. 

Other places are further away from the Mariposa School of Skating, but still within an easy access to all area amenities.

Barrie maps - Barrie Short Term Rentals


We are very flexible with our bookings to accommodate the changing needs of our guests. That means that we will most likely not be able to provide an instant availability information on any of our units - it's just simply technically impossible; here is why:


When you contact us with your planned arrival dates and we have someone already staying in the unit; we will contact them immediately to verify if their departure plans have not changed. We will offer that same courtesy to you as our guest.  It is only then, that we can provide the availability information to you.


For that very reason, we choose not to use online booking service - as it would not be accurate (since the needs of our guests often change at the last minute). 


There is also another reason: When companies use online booking service, there is always an added cost to you - and we strive to keep our cost down, so you can enjoy an affordable accommodations. We book slightly slower, but your overall cost will not be hiked up.



We do our best to be there to meet you when you arrive; however, on the occasion that may not be possible. If that's the case you will receive instructions with a lockbox number, so you can enter the house when you get there.


Quiet Enjoyment 

Our goal is to accommodate the specific needs of our guests and make them as comfortable as possible. Your comfort is first and foremost and so is the comfort of your next-door neighbor that is sharing the house with you during your stay. This is why we kindly ask that you consider other guests when choosing to play loud music any time during your stay; and that all the laundry is done before 10 pm, etc. Parties and large celebrations are not allowed.


Smoking & Pets

The entire property (inside and out) is designated as non-smoking (and so are our neighbor’s properties), No smoking of any kind is permitted.


Regretfully we cannot accommodate guests traveling with pets. This is due to SEVERE allergies and (regretfully) unavoidable damage to the beautiful hardwood floors in some of the houses. As much as we love our own cat, we have guests that value the fact that our accommodations at Mariposa House (and other properties) are, and always have been, smoke and pet free. Please respect that. 

Registered and Licenced Service Dogs

The house located in the Allandale is a pet/ animal-free as the Owner is severely allergic to certain breeds; however, by law, the owners are required to accept Service Animals (this specific property can accept ONE dog only, and only one specific breed: a Poodle (due to severe allergies to other breeds); the dog must be already trained and registered as a Service Dog; the license and current, valid registration is required to be submitted with the lease). The dog must also have all the vaccinations up to date and is to be house trained and obedience trained. Documentation is required. We reserve the right not to accept “emotional support animals”, due to fore mentioned severe allergies of the Owner/Landlord. The Owner of the Service Animal is responsible for the regular, weekly cleaning of their apartment as well as all common areas of the house including the front upper hallway, staircase, lower hallway, and the laundry area. No animal evidence should be visible or detectable inside the house at any time, what so ever. All animal waste outside of the house must be cleaned and disposed of immediately. The front lawn is not to be used by the dog; the only area between the sidewalk and the road can be used, and all evidence of such usage must be cleaned and disposed of in a proper, sanitary manner after each use. If the apartment and the common areas are not properly maintained and cleaned on the regular weekly bases, or if there is any damage to the lawn on the property due to pet waste, any additional charges associated with cleaning will be subtracted from the deposit on file or charged to the credit card on file. The staircase inside the house is Pinewood (softwood); Service Dog should have the nails regularly trimmed in order to prevent damage to the wood. Any cost to the repairs necessary, resulting from the dog use of the staircase, will be the responsibility of the dog owner and will be subtracted from the deposit, or charged to the credit card on file


Traveling with Children

Please know that majority of our Guests are mature, professional adults without children; who value and expect a restful, quiet environment. The apartments are not baby and child proofed and so, for safety reasons, there are age restrictions in place. It is always up to the property owner's discretion, some owners may be more flexible than others. Please ask for details.


How long can I stay?

We are very flexible. You can stay as short as a calendar month... Or if you love it, you are welcome to stay up to 3 months; then if you need to stay longer, your visit can be extended by another 3 months.  



There is limited parking on-site, but each unit has assigned parking.


What do I need to secure my spot at the house?

If your chosen apartment is available, we will need a booking deposit and a signed contract (this is the first thing you get to review, before you make your decision). We will also need your Credit Card and a form of identification on file for the duration of your stay.


Any hidden fees?

No one likes hidden fees, neither do we! Your fee will be based on the number of people in your party, the length of your stay - this will be determined with you before we do anything else. Once you decide to book your stay, we will need a booking deposit and a cleaning fee (specified in your contract, that you get to review prior to making your decision).  You will be responsible for a one time cleaning fee. 

Payment options: For your convenience, we offer various payment options.  If you are visiting us from Canada, and hold a bank account here, you will be able to transfer all payments via an email transfer directly from your online banking.  If you are coming from the US, and direct payment would be proffered from your US banking institution, we can accept that as well (amount would be converted to US dollars and send via an email to our US bank (depending on your banking institution, additional charges may apply), or you can open an account with and use that for payment.  For those traveling from anywhere else: Europe, Mexico, Australia... - you have the option of using Paypal.  This is also the only way we can accept Credit Card payments.  Please note that if you choose to use Paypal transfers, you will be responsible for any additional charges.

Ownership of Properties: Some properties offered, represented and advertised here are owned by private Canadian companies, others are owned by individual owners.  Depending on the preference of an owner, and inquiry from this website may be addressed by the individual owner or by  Each owner and each property may have its own rules and regulations; You will be required to sign a leasing agreement with an individual owner of the property that you choose.  Homes and Apartments that are not managed by us are clearly indicated on their own pages. 


If you have any other questions, we are here to answer them all, please Contact us.

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